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Breaking Down Stereotypes

Yesterday I was at UCT and had the pleasure of being on a panel discussion on Breaking Down Stereotypes in Engineering and Sciences. A number of UCT students attended and they were not only from Engineering or Science, there were Medicine students and others from different faculties. We had a robust engagement and it was interesting to hear feedback from the male engineers who were in the room.

Best of all I met some fantastic women like Pontsho Maruping, who is the Head of Commercialisation at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory. And Nomso Kana, a Nuclear Scientist by trade, who is running her broadband infrastructure business called Sun n Shield 84 Tech. I also met Robyn Goff, who is in Finance at Sanlam and very keen to get involved in the iHub in Philippi 🙂 And our youngster on the panel was Krithica Latchman who is racing up the corporate ladder at Ooba. These women were amazing on the panel.

Thanks to Apiwe Hotele for inviting us.

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