Cyber Security

The dangers facing children on the internet

A friend of mine shared this video a few weeks ago, and it is obviously a shocking documentary of the type of dangers that minors face on the internet. This was no new revelation to me, however it was a reminder that children still face these dangers every single day, and for the most part parents remain unaware or ill-equipped on how they can protect their children on the internet. And with the recent lockdown, children have limited activities that they can participate in without going online to chat to their friends, or find out what is happening on social media.

We have since decided to host a two hour Bahati Tech workshop online to assist parents with practical strategies on how they can keep their children safe online. I hope you will watch this video and realise the dangers that minors face on the internet, and if you do need support or assistance, please reach out.

Cyber risks children face on the internet

You can reserve a ticket to the webinar scheduled for 21 April 2020 at the link below: