Cyber Security

Zoom Data Breach

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Zoom data breach

It has been reported that over 500 thousand Zoom accounts have been leaked and are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums. It’s advisable that you change your zoom password immediately.

Data Protection

My new Data Protection Course on Udemy

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POPIA Fundamentals Course

A lot of us are at home these days and trying to put the time to learn a new skill or pick up some extra knowledge. I’ve published a course on Udemy that is an introductory course into the Protection of Personal Information Act. So if you’re interested in understanding data protection and POPIA in particular do check it out.

Cyber Security

The Trap of “Free Wifi”

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Cybersecurity and Trap of Free Data

I recently presented a webinar to a group startup founders around cybersecurity for small businesses and how to secure their online platforms. One of the debated topics was the issue of “free wifi” that is sometimes offered in public spaces like coffee shops and airports.

Women in Tech

My Tech Women Experience

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Tech Women

In September 2019 I had the privilege to be selected as part of Tech Women, a cohort of over 100 ladies in STEM from 21 countries, to spend five weeks in Silicon Valley. Tech Women is a professional exchange program run by the US State Department which convenes women who are emerging leaders in the different STEM fields from 21 countries across Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

Public Events

Breaking Down Stereotypes

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Yesterday I was at UCT and had the pleasure of being on a panel discussion on Breaking Down Stereotypes in Engineering and Sciences. A number of UCT students attended and they were not only from Engineering or Science, there were Medicine students and others from different faculties. We had a robust engagement and it was […]